Patrick O'Leary

Senior Physiotherapist

Patrick attained his Bachelor of Physiotherapy locally at the University of South Australia and has worked in a musculoskeletal private practice setting since graduating.  Patrick has a strong base in manual therapy and a particular interest in:

  • rehabilitating overuse injuries, 
  • sporting injuries, both acute and chronic, 
  • CrossFit and  Weightlifting related injuries, including technique assessment, 
  • low back pain, 
  • neck pain and headaches.

Patrick is also passionate about basketball and cycling and performs BikeFits regularly, a speciality of Adelaide Advanced Physiotherapy, fitting the bike to the cyclist.

Patrick's background and experience ensure a holistic approach to client management, looking not just at the presenting complaints but the underlying causes.  

Professional Development: 

Jones Institute of Strain-Counterstrain   

SCS 1 for the spine

SCS 2 for the extremities

SCS FI Facial Introduction

Fascial CS - MSK Part 1

Fascial CS - MSK Part 2    

Neuromuscular Dry Needling - Basic & Advanced

CST 1 CranioSacral Therapy

McKenzie Spinal technique

Rocktape Introduction Course

Rocktape Advanced Course

McKenzie Institute:

Part A - Lumbar Spine

Part B - Cervical and Thoracic Spine

Muscle Energy Technique of Lumbar Spine & Pelvis

Neuro Orthopaedic Institute

Explain Pain

Graded Motor Imagery

Manual Therapy Institue

IMT1 - Assessment & Treatment Strategies

IMT2 - Mechanicoadaptive Treatment Model

IMT3 - Viscero-fascial treatment model

IMT4 - Neuro-cranial treatment model

Visceral Manipulation 1 - Abdomen

LT 1 Listening Techniques

Level 1 mat exercises

REHAB Essentials

REHAB Masterclass 

Primal Movement Chains

FMS Level 1

FMS Level 2

Anatomy Trains in T1


Adelaide Running Summit

More recently Patrick has also worked for a WNBL team and provided his services to the Adelaide Adrenaline Ice Hockey team and Adelaide University Football Club.


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