Rehab Trainer


The world's leading  Rehab Training short course now in Adelaide! Injury rehab skills for exercise professionals.

Do your clients ever get injured? A new breed of Exercise Professionals are finding a way to overcome the frustrations of client pain and injury, thanks to Rehab Trainer. 

REHAB Trainer is well recognised as an international leader in this fresh and exciting stream of education for fitness professionals. The short courses are designed by elite Sports Physiotherapists to teach you how to deal confidently and competently with client's pain or injury.

As a Fitness Professional, there is no doubt you will have had to deal with clients with pinching shoulders, aching knees, or sore backs. This can be a nightmare, or an opportunity for demonstrating your biomechanical knowledge.  This is a high-quality, 3 day comprehensive, accredited program - 15 CECs with Fitness Australia.

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"In my opinion, this course should be essential to every Personal Trainer out there. The knowledge I have gained is life-changing!"

Linda - London Graduate 2011

"By far the most interesting and beneficial training I have ever done, and my clients are LOVING my new skills. Ten out of Ten."

Daniel - Sydney Graduate 2011