Gym Club Consults


Gym Club Consults

This service is designed for Gym Club owners/franchises. Our team of Physiotherapists can come to your club and assist coaches and trainers in keeping their members training towards their goals without risk of further aggravating an acute injury or chronic condition.

Physiotherapist consultations are conducted on site, at ten minute intervals. We generally visit clubs for an hour, and during these visits the Physio will assess your gym member's injury/condition and advise the best exercises to focus on and those to avoid.  We then liaise with the trainer/gym and make recommendations for the management of your gym member's physical concerns.

If your member requires specific treatment to attain full physical potential we can arrange an appointment at our Practice, refer for Xrays / Ultrasound or refer on for Medical Specialist consultation.

We assess New Members who may have concerns about undertaking an exercise program or notice aggravating old injuries or areas of weakness when performing certain exercises.

We can design a personalised Rehabilitation program to expedite recovery from injury. The programme is progressed and modified in direct communication with the trainer/gym so you can both work together with your gym member to maximise results.

The aim is to provide a non-biased and supportive service to your gym, to keep your members injury free in order to optimise their training. The fee for our one hour visit is $70 and includes a written summary to refer to.

Call us on 8232 2504 or email to find out more and book a gym club consult.