Bike Fit


Do your hands or feet go numb when cycling?

Do you get back pain when cycling?

Do you feel 100% comfortable when cycling?

Does your bike fit you?

A new approach to bike fitting has been developed.

Adelaide Advanced Physiotherapy provide Adelaide's only comprehensive approach to measure body and bike. Allowing optimum integration and maximising performance through a personalised service.

Our bike fits have taken the guess work out of bike fitting.

Who we are

Adelaide Advanced Physiotherapy is an innovative private physiotherapy practice specialising in manual therapy techniques to restore optimum function to the human body. AAP assists Personal Trainers and Health Club members nationally drawing on years of specialised training to assess and adjust the body in 3 dimensions, as it is created.

The Process

A Physiotherapist will assess your body, take specific measurements and treat as required. This information is then used  to adjust and tailor the bike to you. A full written report including all measurements and modifications made will be issued. These measurements can then be used for reference with future bikes or after equipment upgrades or replacement.

A great way to measure up to make sure you buy the correct size bike frame go to  Buying the correct size bike frame first will make our bike fit process easier and cheaper than finding out you are riding the wrong sized bike! Our Physiotherapist will then be able to make sure your bike is set up for your body and all it's uniqueness.

The Cost

$295.00 per single bike fit.  Health fund rebates apply.


AAP is located in the CBD at 3-7 Charles Street Plaza. Call Stacy or Dani at AAP to make an appointment on 8232 2504. You will need to bring your bike, cycling shoes and shorts. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to appointment to change into cycling shorts.