The Bees Knees

5 December 2019

The Bees Knees!

There are two C-shaped cartilages in each knee called the lateral and medial meniscus, helping to absorb shock and aid movement.   They're commonly injured in sports through loaded weight-bearing with a twist - we regularly see them in people who play football, netball and those who squat.   The person may complain that they can't fully straighten the knee ('it's locking') and may report clicking or giving way.

In the clinic, we can test this structure by asking the client to load and twist on the knee to see if symptoms are reproduced.

Try it yourself - hold onto something, stand on one leg, bend the knee about 20 degrees and try twisting your body side to side to see if you can reproduce any pain.

If so let us know, we'll get you back on your feet.


Bees Knees2Bees Knees

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