Ergonomic Workplace

8 July 2019

Here is why ergonomic equipment DOES NOT matter as much as you think it does…

You may be thinking, what if my chair is too high or my monitor is not at the right height or I've got my phone on the opposite end of the desk, aren't these things relevant?

We're not saying it's not important to have these things set up correctly, but we're saying that the most expensive chair coupled with a sit-to-stand desk and an ergonomic headset may not fix your issues.

Here is why. You spend an average of 7.5 hours a day at the desk, that's approximately 38 hours a week, 1824 hours a year. That's one third of your day spent at the desk (half if you exclude sleep). To put into context, an "athlete" with the best shoes, the best equipment and the best training facilities who does not train will probably not do very well. Neither will you if you are just dependent on ergonomic equipment.

Think to yourself, how are you sitting or standing, are you moving around and shifting weight, standing up and walking at regular intervals, DRINKING ENOUGH WATER, getting enough sunlight AND what are you doing when you get home?

Ergonomics is important, but there's a lot we can do ourselves to make us more comfortable. 



Ergonomic Workplace

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