7 March 2019

Are you on the waiting list for surgery for your ACL tear?  It's worth trying a course of 'Prehab' before you go under the knife.

Anterior cruciate ligaments (ACLs) can be damaged or ruptured due to biomechanical inefficiencies and your body not being able to cope with the forces transmitted through the knee.  Studies have shown that conservative treatment, or some 'Prehab', can be a great way to get  your biomechanical and muscular imbalances sorted out, to kick start your rehabilitation process and give you a great head start.  These studies have even shown that you may not need surgery at all!

The ACL itself prevents translation of the tibia bone moving forward excessively… but so do the hamstrings. Working this muscle in different ways is a great way to re-train your knee to cope with the rigours of life (with or without the ACL).

If you're waiting to have surgery, for your ACL or something else, come in for a chat about other options.


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