Prehab vs Rehab

21 February 2019

Pt 1: The need for better movement patterns - 'Prehab' vs 'Rehab' in a degenerative setting.

Suppose you have a car that travels from A to B - except this car does not travel directly from A to B, it travels double the distance by taking a detour and carrying a load of cargo for no apparent reason. Earlier than expected, the engine's struggling and due for an overhaul (total hip or knee replacement).

You get the engine fixed and continue to drive from A to B with the extra cargo and continue to take the detour. Is replacing the engine a long term fix?

No, of course not. The logical fix would be to change the route so it is more direct from A to B and to shed the cargo/weight. This takes time, it takes a habit to be broken but in the long term it becomes more efficient (you use less energy, travel more efficiently and have less wear and tear on the engine).

You can persist with the detour until you need mechanic or surgical intervention and then change the route, 'Rehab', or you could change the route and prevent a need for surgical intervention, 'Prehab'. Of course, movement patterns are a little more complicated than A to B and yes, it takes time and effort, but it's something that's often very achievable.

Prehab vs Rehab

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