Prehab Pt 2

25 February 2019

Pt. 2 - Benefits of doing 'Prehab' pre-surgery

In the previous post, we talked about creating better movement patterns. So what are the benefits of doing this pre-surgery?

If you start to change the route you have been taking and shed the weight, then the car becomes more efficient at getting from point A to B; you essentially prolong it's life. This is where the complexity comes in. Unlike the  car, your body has an innate ability to heal itself, you just need to provide the opportunity for it to do so. It also has an innate ability to adapt to the environment.

By starting 'Prehab', and increasing mobility (a combination of stability, strength and range), your body is better equipped to cope with higher demands (it's like upgrading from a Toyota Corolla to a LandCruiser). We're not definitively saying that you don't need surgery, but perhaps it could be prevented or prolonged until you do. And in the case that you do need surgery, you will be coming from a much higher level pre-operation, resulting in a much higher level of function post-operation.

In any case, 'Prehab' or 'Rehab' is inevitable regardless of the route you take…it is more about quality of life after that decision's been made.


Prehab Pt2

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