24 January 2019

Danger Expectations


Expectation handbrake!

Our memory of what we once did and could do, is a selective choice by our subconscious.

The perfect lift. The epic bike ride. The effortless marathon. The endless days of training at the gym without a care….and so on.

These moments are remembered as they have an emotional component that neurologists now believe acts as the catalyst for committing these events to memory. When we are emotionally aroused - excited, happy, finished a solid workout etc - dopamine is released acting as a neurotransmitter to stimulate adrenaline release. Remembering the outcome or reward gets committed to memory, not the details of the process, or the many attempts over time before success.

When setting new goals for the year ahead and we return to training or activities we haven't done in a long time we need to forget these memories and start afresh. Look at each session or activity as a new experience.

Wear a different shirt.

Buy new shoes.

Start on a different day or a different time.

Choose a different route.

Create new memories and enjoy the journey and progressions in the present, not become frustrated by comparing to those past memories, as they are only partially true and not a complete record of past events.

Keep moving.

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