Foot Loading

21 August 2018

We love feet! (but not in that way…)

At the gym, and with something as basic as standing, we want to prevent injury by loading both sides evenly. We want to avoid imbalances and reduce any unwanted twisting and torsion through the body. This should start with the feet, and we want to make sure they're positioned correctly.

Generally speaking, if your foot position isn't even and you have one side more rotated, or in front of the other, it can cause ripples up the body.

Your feet don't have to be directly parallel, we just like them relatively symmetrical. Even in sitting, place your feet are flat on the floor. Ground your movements.

When standing and lifting, push down evenly through the feet - we want to think about a tripod, created by your heel, the ball of your big toe and the ball of your little toe - equal pressure through each. This is a basic, fundamental start to making you more bulletproof in life and in the gym.
Foot Position

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