Created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920's, the Pilates exercise method is a great way to tone up, improve posture, and eliminate aches and pains. Pilates uses the make-up of the human body as its platform, and blends mental focus and breathing regulation into a program designed to deliver holistic benefits.

Importantly, the method teaches you greater awareness of the form and fluidity of your body. You can apply the discipline throughout daily life for boosted strength, stability and mobility.

Pilates can aid in the prevention and safe rehabilitation of joint and spinal injuries.

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Why choose Pilates?

Pilates is a safe, effective and non impact way to reshape and realign your body. You will not only build muscle strength, but learn to understand and master your body with improved physical coordination and balance, flexibility and posture.

You will use your body to its full potential.

Our Studio

Adelaide Advanced Physiotherapy's Pilates studio, offers classes taught by physiotherapists trained in the Pilates Method, as well as our internationally accredited Pilates instructor. Our Pilates studio incorporates specially designed Pilates equipment including the reformer, the barrel, Pilates circle, Pilates ball, Chi balls and resistance bands which add another dimension to your workout.

With small group classes or Private sessions available, we will help you to look and feel great.

The studio is conveniently located in Charles St Plaza in the Adelaide CBD, and offers morning, midday and evening classes, suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Getting Started

Before commencing group Pilates session, you will need to attend an initial assessment & introduction with the Physiotherapist. This will include a private one on one introduction to the Pilates method (mat & equipment).

To ensure you get the most out of your classes we recommend you attend 2-3 private sessions before joining a group session. During these sessions you will become familiar with the equipment and terms used during class. Private sessions are also great for setting achievable goals and learning how to make the most of your workouts.

Maximise your results

Pilates is a form of exercise where there are no limits. You will achieve amazing results if you can practice daily. We recommend 2-3 Pilates studio sessions per week combined with your own practice at home. Your instructor can work with you to create an appropriate home based Pilates program during a private Pilates session.

During the term your instructor will also encourage you to perform a series of 'homework' exercises which you can use to continue your workout at home.

Create your own studio at home with our Pilates equipment packages, including a chi ball, resistance band and blue foam rollers.

About Us / Your Instructors

At Pilates in the CBD we endeavor to enhance the lives of individuals through pilates, by making you feel and look good. (enhance your natural rhythm).

Our instructors are certified Pilates instructors having completed Polestar International Training and the Australian Pilates Method Association training.


Payment Schedule



*Reformer Classes (45mins)


Casual Attendance


Private session (30 min)


**New Clients (30 min)

Initial assessment  

*Price is per class when enrolled in a term of Pilates.

Payment required in full prior to start.

Health Rebates Apply

A rebate is available on each class through your Private Health Fund under a T560 code. As the rebate will vary depending on your level of cover, you may like to contact your health fund directly for further information. Receipts will be issued at end of your term.

Class Types

Reformer & Mat

The reformer is a specialised piece of Pilates equipment with a moving carriage, straps, springs and pulleys. At first sight it can be intimidating, however, after your introductory session you will feel comfortable and at ease with your reformer. The Reformer provides finely tuned resistance that allows you to work very precisely with alignment, core strength, and all of the Pilates exercise principles. 

You will move through the repertoire of traditional and modified Pilates exercises on the floor, using only your body as a platform and incorporating chi ball, Pilates ring and resistance bands for an added challenge. This is a good class to start with if you are a beginner

Pilates Plus

Combination of pilates/reformer and functional movement exercises utilising the exercise equipment and weights in our gym. Beginners to advanced welcome.   

Power Pilates

Not for the faint hearted. A high intensity 45 minute varied workout on the reformer incorporating the basic Pilates principles of alignment and core strength to challenge and leave you feeling energized and fully stretched.

Private Pilates

Our private Pilates sessions allow you to have your instructor to yourself. You will receive direct one on one attention and guidance through an intensive program tailored specifically for you. This is ideal if you have injury or chronic pain that limits you or if you simply have more specific goals.

What if I can't make my class?

If you are unable to attend a class, make up your workout at a time that is convenient for you by arranging for casual use of the studio at no cost. You will have your instruction sheets from class to guide you through your workout.

Class Times

12.15pm-1.00pm            Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


5.00pm-5.45pm              Wednesday


6.00pm-6.45pm              Wednesday