Movement Conditioning



What is a Movement Conditioner?

A Movement Conditioner helps people move & feel better to be fit for life.

As a Movement Conditioner, Kate Aylward uses the myofascial connective tissue chains as a map of the body, offering a whole body holistic approach. This means Kate will train the body as a whole, using full body, three dimensional movements.

She also treats the human person, not just the human body; taking into account all factors, physical, emotional, mental, nutritional and more. 

Kate uses movement to assess the body,meaning she  looks for movement pattern problems and restriction within the connective tissue system. She then uses specialised movements that target these restrictions to restore connective tissue flow. These movements are called MOBILISERS. They are small, rhythmical, very effective and simple to add into your daily life. Kate has seen these movements change lives, rid pain and gain mobility in many,  including herself. 


Services offered:

  • Movement Assessment  - Identify restriction in movement patterns.
  • Mobilisation & Movement Therapy Pre-habilitation to prevent injury & prepare the body for load. Corrective movement to create smooth force transmission pathways,
  • Fascial Release - Restore connective tissue flow that allows the fascia to slide smoothly, promoting fluid movement,
  • Post Surgery Rehabilitation - rebuild strength and mobility,
  • 3D Movement Training-improves balance, coordination, agility, stability, strength, posture, confidence and overall performance,
  • High Intensity Interval Training - Burns fat, builds muscle and gains fitness.
  • A perfect extension to the hands-on treatments provided at AAP.

There are one-on-one sessions available with Kate or join one of the small group classes held on:

Mondays 8.00am
Wednesdays 4.30pm
Fridays 7.00am