Adrenal Glands

24 January 2019

Adrenals…you may have heard of them, but what are they?

They're two little glands that sit atop your kidneys, producing some pretty important hormones, such as cortisol (released in response to stress) and adrenaline (used in our 'fight or flight' response).

Taking care of your adrenals is super important - we primarily see an overactivity of these glands, from both emotional and physical stress with our clients. Too much on at work, trouble at home, overtraining, either too often or too hard - any and all of these things can cause the adrenals to be 'too active'. This can lead to weight gain, tiredness, sugar cravings, general aches and pains, low blood pressure just to name a few.

Basic strategies help to regulate and calm the function of the adrenals - good sleep habits, saying 'no thank you' to things when you've got too much on your plate, training less perhaps (smarter, not harder).

Here at AAP we can also look at how these glands move via the kidneys they sit on top of to give them the best chance of sufficient blood flow in and out to maximise their function.

Adrenal glands

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