Do you kick?

11 May 2018

Having difficulty with set shots? We can help.

If you're having difficulty converting set shots in footy, or struggling to score from the penalty spot in soccer, the answer might not be more practice. Instead, the answer might be found in your strength and training routine.

We know that fatigue can cause players to miss easy goals, but the differences in leg strength between left and right legs has recently been found to be even more crucial.

This can be seen in the career of Richmond great Matthew Richardson (Richo!!), who in the '95 season kicked 27 goals, 3 behinds (90% accurate) and after a L knee ACL injury (his non-kicking leg) in 1997 kicked 47 goals, 35 behinds (57% accuracy)... who rehabbed that knee?

A Western Australian study looking at accuracy of AFL players found that in players with over 80% set shot accuracy, there was no significant difference in leg strength between the left and right legs. The players with less than 80% accuracy demonstrated a significant difference in leg strength between left and right, usually in their non-kicking leg, as they struggle to maintain that stable base.

If you are struggling with kicking or have a mate who can't split the sticks, get in touch with us…

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