Got any arm issues? Carpal Tunnel? Tennis Elbow?

29 January 2018

The median nerve is a major nerve that travels down our arms and primarily supplies the muscles that allow us to flex or bend our fingers and wrist, as well as giving sensation to the thumb, second, third and half of the fourth finger. It originates from the mid-lower neck and is involved in most shoulder, elbow and wrist complaints (to some degree).

Carpal tunnel syndrome? Median nerve. Golfer's elbow? Likely median nerve. Weakness in grip or twisting the forearm (opening jars etc), you guessed it, probably median nerve. It could be an issue with the path of the nerve itself (perhaps muscle tightness), some issue in the neck where it comes from (disc or joint issues) or a restriction in flow from the blood vessels (arteries and veins) that run along side it. Fortunately, we can treat all those scenarios.

To see how 'tight' your median nerve is, follow what our new guru physio Ken is doing. Standing up, reach your arm out to the side, palm facing up. In this position, extend (bend back) your wrist. At this point you shouldn't feel much of a stretch (if you do, call us right now!), but if you look away or tilt your head down to the opposite side and you get a decent stretch down the arm then we'd say you have a 'tight' or 'restricted' median nerve. It may not be causing issues now, but it's likely to contribute to an issue down the track, so it's definitely worth getting assessed and treated to clear that dysfunction!


Median NerveMedian Nerve Diagram

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