Case Study for Treatment of Headaches

20 November 2015

A 55 year old woman presented to the clinic with a long history of debilitating headaches, neck pain and right arm and hand pain. Read More >

Gallbladder Dysfunction

3 November 2015

Do you have a left sided migraine or tension around your left eye/sinus? Read More >

Physiotherapy for Hayfever?

30 October 2015

A trip to your physiotherapist is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when hayfever strikes. Read More >

Recovery Post Marathon

28 August 2015

Recovering from a marathon is a critical component to a perfect training plan that runners forget! Read More >

Pectoralis Minor

28 July 2015

Pec minor (or pectoralis minor) is a MAJOR player in a ton of presentations we see here at AAP. Read More >