At Adelaide Advanced Physiotherapy we look beyond the superficial injury to effect life changing, permanent improvements.

Our Physiotherapists are leaders in various forms of treatment techniques, some of which are unique to our practice.

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Body Activation

Feel better, stronger and fitter with our new Movement Conditioning classes. Book in for a one on one or a group class.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our service Adelaide Advanced Physiotherapy will refund your money.

Latest News


15 November 2018
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Waking up at 3.00am

17 October 2018
Waking about 3am each night? Right sided neck pain? Mid back pain? Right shoulder pain? Sciatica?... Read More >

Sore Knees

11 October 2018
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Bike Fit

Bike Fit

Are you a cyclist? Adelaide Advanced Bike Fit is a new scientific approach to measure body and bike. More >